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FrombergKlim Tennis 
Terms and Conditions



Full invoice payment is due at the start of each new term no less than 10 days prior to commencement, and we accept only credit card online.   Payment of your fee signifies your acceptance and understanding of these terms and conditions. 


'No Pay - No Play ' Policy.  If payment is not made on time before the due date, unfortunately you/your child will be removed from the lesson/class list and you/your child will not be able to take part.  We have limited spots available with a waiting list for other participants, and if payment is not made by due date then you/your childs position will be allocated to the next on the waiting list. 

Term fees vary and are dependent on the day you are playing.  Some term fees are less than others as they include public holidays of which no lessons are conducted on those days.  If you or your child are enrolled on those days in a terms with public holidays your lesson schedule for the term is slightly shorter than that of other days, and your fees are reflective of this.

No Refunds Or Make-ups will be given for non-attendance for all tennis lessons, classes and holiday camps at any time.  Fees are not adjusted for miss classes for any reason. If you choose to stop a class part way through the term there is no adjustment or credit applicable. 

A credit card fee of 2.2% is applicable to all credit card transactions. AND GST is charged at time of check out.

Continuation of Enrolments

Unless FK Tennis have been informed as per the registration form at your time of registration or via email or phone by the second last week of the current term, members are automatically booked into the following term. 



Wash Out and Hot Weather Policy

If FK Tennis cancels the lesson due to inclement weather, you will be sent a message via the WhatsApp app, of which all clients are required to download upon commencement of joining FK Tennis. 





FrombergKlim offers make-up tennis lesson as a courtesy to all members who have notified us that they cannot attend one of their scheduled tennis classes and only one is permitted per term for all Junior and Cardio Lessons:


  • Notice must be given prior to the absence.

  • A minimum of  24 hours' notice must be given, via completion of the postponement form that you will receive in your original registration email. 
    For exceptional (medical) circumstances, where this notice period cannot be provided, please contact our Member Services team to discuss. 

  • Make-up classes for Juniors can only be allocated to a school holiday program and once cancelled you will be sent an email to book into an allocated day.  

  • For Cardio Lessons and Squad; do not leave your make up lesson to the last week of Term. You may miss out due to full classes.

  • All make-up lessons must be completed within the Term of the missed lessons and cannot be transferred to another student or another Term.
    Make up lessons are not provided if you/your child turn up late or very late to the lesson.


Please note, we are reasonable and exceptions to the above notification timeframes will be considered under special circumstances.



Cancellation of enrolments can only be done by the second last week of the term. 

If you wish to cancel your enrolment permanently, please notify FrombergKlim or by the second last week of the term to ensure no invoice is generated for the following term.   


There is no refund for remaining lessons if the cancellation occurs during the term.

There is no refund for Holiday camps if you cancel your enrolment. 

If the cancellation is due to medical reasons, a credit may be given upon receipt of a Doctor’s certificate verifying the medical reason for the cancellation.

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